V.P Marbella offers a diverse range of domestic and industrial transport & storage. Our service is based on door to door delivery with no other terminals or companies involved. We carry out all loading our selves to ensure care for Your goods.

Scandanivian Beds & Decor

Did you know that during a lifetime an average person spends 25 years in bed? We therefor believe that an investment in a good bed is an investment in Your wellbeing. We are very proud to offer solutions from quality suppliers such as Hämta Kraft by Scapa and Bedcomfort.

Garden Design & Layout

We have been many years in the Gardening business, working with small and larger scale projects in Spain and Northen Europe. Here, we have our own import of interesting pots and outdoor decorations, as well as well established contacts with local growers for fresh healthy plants. We undertake commissions for terraces or whole gardens. You can order drawings and structural blueprints for your own contractor, or full projects realised by us and our collegues.

Our Work